brooklyn grange farm tour

Brooklyn Grange Farm Tour

Brooklyn Grange Farm

You know I love farmers, right?  Well today I met several and watched chefs pick up the best of their harvest. And it all happened in one of the most populated places on the planet. New York.

Just a short Uber ride from our Brooklyn brownstone, atop an old navy ship building yard, there’s a profitable urban farm servicing local restaurants and CSA residents.  Plus hosting education sessions and the odd hipster wedding or two as well. With pet chooks, organic principles, bumper crops, hot house micro herbs and honey from their own hives, Brooklyn Grange Farm is proving that we can truly rethink our farm to plate status quo.  Just take a look.

Farm Tour

Farm on deck


fresh farm produce

maya habanero

dietitian photo

greenhouse farm

brooklyn grange bees urban honey

outdoor farm

Chooks at farm

flowers at farm


Thanks to Molly for the tour and educating us on the how-to’s of urban farming.  With NY city supporting curbside compost collections and a twenty year lease on this farm, I can’t wait to see what has happened by my next visit.  You can follow along too above.

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