Loving Aussie raspberries and blackberries

Hello lovelies. A little quiet patch between blog posts as I’ve been busy over on our sister site Storehouse Blog Directory and getting ready for the 33rd Dietitians Association of Australia conference kicking off today. Follow the news with #DAA2016.

Acclaimed chef and restauranteur, Alla Wolf Tasker has just finished her opening address with a very strong message about food provenance, which made me remember to share with you our latest Scoop Nutrition project, a raspberries and blackberries health overview on behalf of Horticulture Australia Innovation.

Berries_health report_infographic

There is a growing body of evidence on the health benefits of raspberries and blackberries, particularly in the super hot arena of the human gut microbiome. While they are well established as an excellent source of dietary fibre and beneficial for weight management, new research shows an association between the antioxidant activity in raspberries and blackberries, and healthy gut microbiota.  Raspberries and blackberries have particularly high levels of ellagitanins; a class of polyphenols that are relatively uncommon in other fruits and vegetables, which are under focus with gut health.  Read more in the full report here.

I adore raspberries and have fond childhood memories of blackberry picking, and both vines are trying their best to produce in my city backyard giving me a sprinkling of ruby jewels each season.  But most of the time I rely on our fabulous Aussie farmers and I’ve recently bought up big and have frozen a stash for winter porridge.  You’ll find useful seasonality info and usage tips in the report too.

Do you love raspberries and blackberries as much as me?

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