Nothing Rudimentary about our cafe culture by Emma Stirling APD

I’m just back from a sneaky lunch with Mr Surfer Dude and friends Bec and Joe.  I rarely take a break for a cafe lunch during the week, unless it’s a meeting.  But the school hols start today and we needed a little bit of adult time.  It never ceases to amaze me how the casualisation of dining is driving such sophisticated menus.  Just take a look at Rudimentary in Footscray, Melbourne.  Nestled behind the bustle of Little Saigon market is a brand new quiet oasis made from a couple of shipping containers and a whole lot of good taste.

Rudimentary gate

Rudimentary outside

Rudimentary Eggs and Pork Belly - cafe culture

Rudimentary  - bikes parked

Rudimentary Burger photo

Rudimentary coffee - cafe

Rudimentary omelette

With sandwiches like sticky pork, pate and pickled carrot on Zeally Bay Bun, plus a dish of braised pork belly with crispy pig’s ear, chilli, tamarind and fried egg, oh and an omelette with crab that looks like THIS above, there is nothing fast about this fare.  And that’s why as a dietitian I’m really exciting to be working in the area of culinary nutrition and foodservice.  It gives me hope for the future of food.

Danny Meyer feels the same as me.  A famous US restauranteur credited for pioneering the new breed of American chains like Shake Shack in the 1980’s that were the first to pair imaginative food and wine with caring hospitality in a casual setting.   Danny starts by stating that, “No change has flawed me more, than the convergence of fine dining and casual dining.” I hope you can spare 17minutes to take a look this fascinating TEDxManhattan talk on our Foodie Friday.  And if you’re in Melbourne?  Get down to Rudimentary, 16-20 Leeds St, Footscray.


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