Pear cider, watermelon and basil fizz – by Emma Stirling APD

We are sneaking in our Friday Foodie post very early this week for a very special reason.  It’s a surprise birthday blogging celebration for a very special person – US dietitian Regan Miller Jones.  I am so honoured to be included as one of her forty friends to celebrate the big 40. Regan has inspired and supported me in so many ways, but we are yet to meet in person.  Let me give you a taste of her contribution to online nutrition and serve you up a summer cocktail recipe to celebrate #RMJis40.

A healthy vision – Regan Miller-Jones RD

Regan Miller Jones - dietitianRegan is the brain child, along with some other very talented dietitians, behind my favourite online platforms.  First off there is the monthly recipe makeover challenge Recipe ReDux.  And then there’s Healthy Aperture, one of the best sources of recipes online.  Check out their Pinterest boards and get set to submit your contributions for approval.   But Regan has also many other projects in her list of achievements including the very important RD’s 4 Disclosure and running food photography plus blogging workshops to encourage other dietitians.  She is a pay it forward kinda gal, just like me.

So from summer down under we say cheers and a huge happy birthday Regan.  This cocktail is fresh with a healthy twist, just like you, and based on local cider to tempt you to our Aussie shores one day.  It’s a kick your sandals off, easy way to impress, when friends pop over on a hot summer night.  And you’ve just got home from the beach.  I wish you were here to chat and share with me.

Best wishes on your big day. We can’t wait to see what you do next. Em x

Pear cider, watermelon and basil fizz

Pear cider, watermelon and basil fizz


1/2 cup watermelon cubes, frozen

1 tbsp fresh lemon or lime juice (lemons in abundance this year, but just one lonely lime!)

6 fresh basil leaves from the kitchen garden

Good quality local cider – we used Napoleone & Co from the Yarra Valley

Pear cider, watermelon and basil fizz


Combine watermelon, basil leaves and citrus juice into a glass.  Pour over sparkling cider.  Enjoy lounging on the summer grass.

Pear cider  watermelon and basil fizz image

Just look at how wonderful a blogging community can be and check out all the other secret birthday posts!

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