Recipe ReDux Autumn Spiced Baked Farm Apples – by Emma Stirling APD

I hope by now you’re in the warm afterglow of a deliciously slow and relaxing Easter break.  We are just back from the farm.  Where apples grow on trees and kids play outdoors til dark.  For a city girl I have the country in my heart.   In my veins.  And in my genes.

Farm Collage 2014 - Happy easter

Uncle Eddie is the fourth generation farmer in our family.  On the same area of land that our forefathers travelled to from England.   In a little town called Digby.  I’ve been going here for births, deaths, marriages and countless school holidays since I was a baby. It’s a second, cherished home to us all.

Uncle Eddies Apples

Uncle Eddie has apple trees right at the back of the house.  Just close enough for a grab on the way to the haystack cubby house.  One year my cousin ate 12 in one day, core pips and all.  Legendary stuff.

Organic wild Cranberry sauce

The pantry always has a gifted preserve or pickle from the local CWA ladies. Exotic fruit conserves would have been shipped in from England in years gone by.

baked farm apples

And there’s always dried fruit, brown sugar and spices on hand.   So I combined organic sultanas, beautiful little figs from a Melbourne neighbour, sugar and my McCormick’s Pumpkin Pie Spice (purchased in the USA and left behind here on a previous trip – so glad I checked the pantry).

coring apples - delicious baked farm apple recipe

Pumpkin Pie spice mix has cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice and it tastes ridiculousness. A final spoonful of cranberry sauce and bam, what a mixture to stuff my apples.

how to stuff apples - green apple fresh from farm

Now this month’s Recipe ReDux theme is to serve up good health using cherished old cookware like a pot, utensil or dish.  For me, cooking on our large outdoor, open fire holds my happy memories of parties, Christmas feasts, cast iron jaffles, jacket potatoes, toasted marshmallows, late night stargazing and family chatting.  And brings up some melancholy in a good way, at times too – miss you Aunty V. Everything we have celebrated through the decades on the farm, revolves around this fire place.  It’s my kinda cookware.

Stoking the fire - pot cookware

Uncle Eddie nearly cleared out my foil wrapped apples before they were baked. But the grandkids, grandnieces and nephews were pestering him for another pony ride, roller coaster bump around on the ute with trailer or to move more hay bales to make the secret cubby.  He’s in his 70’s now and still has energy to burn.

autum spiced Baked farm apples recipe

After 20minutes and a little turning they were perfect with a dollop of Jalna  Biodynamic Organic Bush Honey Yoghurt.

Being a fan of all things vintage, I can’t wait to see what the other Reduxers cooked up:

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