Recipe ReDux Shared Plates Round Up

Sharing. What a fantastic theme for this month’s Recipe ReDux, the first blogger recipe challenge founded by dietitians.  It’s estimated that Australian’s eat out 2.5 times per week and as a result we are seeing a huge change towards casualised menus with an emphasis on small items and shared plates.

I love entertaining this way at home and recently had a bring-a-plate passata party as part of Ceres Fair Food Crowdsaucing Day.  The aim of the day was to bring people together in Melbourne to make passata from organic, locally grown tomatoes to preserve Italian tradition and support our farmers.  You see Italian imports often flood our market with undercut prices.

With red and white tablecloths, the last of the summer basil and 100kg of toms, we rolled up our sleeves and applied our gusto with friends and family from aged 2 to 75years.

tomatoes in garden

slicing tomatoestomato juice in bottles

Passata party

filling bottle with tomato juice

Every one brought a plate of the most delicious food and we took a break mid afternoon to eat and enjoy.

pasta and tomatoes on table

I was just a little busy rushing around getting the big equipment from my Italian neighbour and the too-die-for cannoli from my friends Tony and Rosa and T.Cavallaro and Sons in Footscray, that I only had time to whip up my signature Tomato and Basil Balls… you know lovelies balls are another trend around town.  I’ve created them for you again below:

tomato and cheese

This shared plate is super easy but always styles up beautifully with vintage forks and a deep bowl to dip into extra virgin olive and Balsamic vinegar. Just push a cherry tomato, mini bocconcini ball and fresh basil leaf onto the tines of a fork and get swept away to Tuscany with every bite.

I’m sure my ReDux friends have plenty of new inspiration….maybe even some balls!  Let’s see.

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