Recipe ReDux: Welcome home harrisa hot soup

What a weird feeling to be sitting mid air out of Orlando writing this post with inflight wifi for September Recipe ReDux.   Yes, I’m back in the USA and it’s been wonderful to show my kids around. After living here twice as a teen and having holidayed several times, it feels like my second home.  I’m loving it. Including all the fall decorations, thanks y’all.

We are ticking off bucket list items. For the kids that means Disney. Oh and Oscar’s corn dog and In-N-Out-Burger. Mr Surfer Dude is awaiting a big surf auction in San Clemente. And I’ve visited a school lunch program and the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. And we’re just over half way!  If you really can stand it, follow our fun on my personal Facebook with daily updates of #Frenchwolds USA Vacation.

Disneyland US
Corn dog stand - hot dog stick and fresh lemonade


Rose Bowl Flea

But as the saying goes, there’s no place like home. I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement to see ReDux cofounder Deanna tomorrow in NYC. And as much as I want this trip to last forever, I know I’ll be ready to get back to Australia in a little over a week. We will be ready to get back to routine. And back to my home cooking. We have been balancing our Pumpkin Spiced Frappucinos and powdered sugar donuts with plenty of walking and salads. But I’m so relieved to know that my soup will be waiting to greet me, as a trusty freezer friend, the theme of this month’s challenge.

This soup is perfect when you’re packing for a vacation and need to clean out the fridge.   Start it off in the morning or night before and drag out all the perishables. I found chicken thighs, bacon, veggies, a can of chickpeas and spicy harrisa paste.

Start off with olive oil, garlic and onions in your pot and then add other sturdy veg in a classic mirepoix or sofrito. Add 2-3 tablespoons of spicy harissa, a North African hot sauce and the bacon and chicken to brown.

fridge contents - vegetables and meat

get cooking - spices
harissa paste and chick peas
Then pile in other sturdy vegetables, stirring for 3-4 minutes, before adding a can each of chopped tomatoes and chickpeas (that’s garbazano beans).  Top up with chicken stock to fill your pot and cook for an hour.  In the last ten minutes or so, add any vegetables you like to stay al dente like my broccolini.  Add chopped garden, continental parsley and lemon juice to serve or hold off if freezing.

throw it all in - HARRISA HOT SOUP

It was the perfect preflight meal before our 14hr trip. And there are 7 little tubs waiting for me in the freezer.

Hot soup and packingI can’t wait to land and get settled in Brooklyn.  See you tomorrow Deanna!  Now time to read what the other ReDuxers got up to:

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