Recipe Redux: White Anchovy Tiffin Tortilla – by Emma Stirling APD

I so agree with the opening line of this month’s Recipe Redux theme. Sometimes, the food is the best part of the journey. And while we all dream of an exotic, international trip to taste test.  More regularly, travel is local. And on the road. Be it business travel or a road trip for pleasure, this month’s challenge is to share favorite travel snacks or mini meals. And I can’t wait to show you what I cooked up.

Travel bug

Lucky to catch the travel bug at a young age, my first three month overseas trip was to Europe and the USA aged 5 in 1975 (you can do the math).  My parents, now in their seventies, arrived back yesterday from a 2 month USA trip full of wonder at seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water again, hiking Bryce Canyon and so much more. They have always been regular, but shoestring travellers, making the dollars stretch their stay for longer. And when it comes to food.  Mum was always packin’ it.

quote with image - somehow i'm not scare of heights either

Having two teachers as parents, meant we had our fair share of holidays too.  We were always taking a road trip to my Uncle’s Farm or a National Park camping. Mum would hand my sister and I sandwiches, and sliced apples in the back seat, deftly navigating the map at the same time. We’d play eye spy. And I make clouds into day dream worlds to pass the time. So it’s no surprise I like that feeling of shrugging off one life for a few days and get a thrill out of taking the holiday road. And it’s no surprise that I’m fascinated by global cuisine and particularly cultures that pack it well – like Japanese Bento boxes and that gob smacking, infrastructure of Indian Tiffin lunch boxes (watch this video if you can spare the 2 minutes, it’s amazing how they do it).

White Anchovy Tiffin Tortilla

Ingredietns for Tiffin Tortilla - recipe reduxSo my recipe is simple.  But simply perfect for travel. You take ingredients to hand, that you want to clear out of the fridge. Whisk eggs, season and add sliced sweet potato. Saute onions slowly to caramelise, add spinach to wilt, then whisked eggs with sweet potato mixture. Dob in small pieces of goat’s cheese or grated cheese.  Lattice anchovies on top. Cook gently to prevent burning the base and finish off to brown under a hot grill. Pick a mini pan that perfectly matches a small tiffin. Just right for 1-2 serves. Mr Surfer Dude and me. And stop kidding yourself the kid’s will go for it. tortilla served - ready for a bite - White Anchovy Tiffin Tortilla

step 1 tortilla

step two in preparing tortilla - with lemon and herb

 step 3 in preparing delicious tortilla

step 4 in preparing tortilla - delicious

You may like to read about the importance of travel memories for children in my post on our Griswolds-style road trip in 1982 and my Macadamia Crusted Fish recipe. Or how I like to pack a little camp stove for coastal roadtrips and my recipe for beachside Tom Yum Soup.  And do check out our recent travel nutrition post with a very clever video on cooking in your hotel room with the basic iron, coffee pot and kettle. I’m off to see what the amazing Reduxers got up to below.

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