Storehouse bloggers guide to mindful eating by Laura Ford

A new trend is gently making its way into nutrition and it doesn’t involve obscure ancient grains or exotic fruits. In fact it’s not related to a single food at all. It’s mindful eating.

Mindful eating is a part of mindfulness practice and is a form of mediation that helps to bring us into the present moment and help us get in touch with ourselves and our eating patterns.

Now wait up Laura, I hear you say, how can meditation and sitting quietly have any impact on nutritional status? I’m glad you asked, but better yet, I’ll show you my favourite posts by our Storehouse Bloggers and all the mindfulness news you need to know.

Start here

If mindfulness is completely new to you, Glenda Bishop at Healthy Stories has a great overview on how to apply the basics of mindfulness to everyday exercise and healthy eating.

If you’re hungry for more (pun always intended here at Scoop), look no further than Body Positive Australia. Fiona Sutherland APD has a wonderful approach to mindful eating and while she advocates the non-diet approach to eating, her post ‘When to NOT eat mindfully…” can really highlight where you may be on the mindfulness eating scale.

Progress here

There are also some fantastic tips from Joanna McMillan APD at Dr Joanna on how mindful eating can help you get lean by connecting and really appreciating the food you eat. Think about it, how many times have you polished off a packet biscuits or nuts and not even realised you were eating until the whole thing was gone?

Get appy

Of course like all things, mindfulness takes practice. If you’re anything like me and trying to figure out how or where to get started, Christina Turner APD of SOL Nutrition blog have a great collection of Mindfulness Apps to enlighten you. My favourite at the moment is the Smiling Mind App. It’s free and it also has Mindfulness apps for Food and Eating.

Dig deeper into the science

And lastly, mindfulness isn’t just about self refection as Tim Crowe APD of Thinking Nutrition brings in the science and explores how mindfulness may have role to play in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). That’s right, how you think and how in tune you are with yourself can actually affect your gut!

So slow down, take a breath and give mindfulness a go and get reconnected with your food and your mind.

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Storehouse Blog Directory is your one stop shop for credible nutrition content – check out the latest posts on the home page or search for a credentialed blogger here.


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