Wake up and smell the yogurt – new five:am organic range

I’m excited to share with you this fabulous new yogurt range available in Australia.  But this post is far more than just a Food Flash.  It’s a tremendous tale of David and well David actually.  So read on, even if you’re not from our neck of the woods. It’s the story of how traditional farmers and the “little guys” are clawing their way back into our major dairy cases and aisles.  At a time when it’s cool to be green, clean and artisan, it’s no surprise to see well deserved support from those with influence.  You’ll love this story:

Let’s start at the beginning

Wendy Wallace wasn’t happy with the way her husband Peter carelessly sprayed fertiliser around their West Gippsland dairy farm and the number of times they called the vet out.  So well over 5 years ago they turned to organic farming and adapted the best  practices over four generations of farming.  Now the farm is free from pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics.   The Wallace’s are part of a co-operative where all milk is certified organic.  They are proud of their happy and healthier herd and pastures and wake up with their Friesian cows at 5am everyday.  Every member of the ‘family’, all 160 cows, have a name.  What cow wouldn’t be happy with that and their own self serve breakfast bar to graze til their health’s content?  Just take a look:

If you are unable to view this video, catch it here on YouTube.

Enter Goliath David another 5am riser

David Prior, that is,  the founder of five:am.  A successful entrepreneur with a five am daily surf or yoga habit, he had always appreciated the health benefits of consuming yogurt as part of an active lifestyle.  He was inspired to create a product that allowed him to have a clear ecological conscience during one of his early morning moments of clarity.  At a stage of life where he could comfortably just ride the wave, he decided to follow his vision.

With a strong background in the sustainable packaging industry David had loads of industry contacts plus the nous (and a few dollars) to bring together the very best.  This includes expert yogurt makers with over 80 years combined experience.  They have refined their technique to create a product free from gluten, gelatin, preservatives and starches with no artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers or sweeteners.  And let me just say that the proof is in the taste and sublime mouth feel.

Five:am range includes low and full fat products in 170g individual tubs in flavours like honey and cinnamon, plus 700g family tubs in Greek Style and Natural.  The products are available exclusively at Woolworths, Safeway, Thomas Dux in Victoria and NSW.

Disclosure: Emma Stirling was a guest at the media launch at Tobie Puttock’s Kitchen Cat restaurant in Melbourne.  Guests received product samples and breakfast.  Contact: Undertow Media. You can print the fiveam crepes with Tobie Puttock recipe to try at home.

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