New Summer Scoop Nutrition Subs on their hot foodie tips – by Emma Stirling APD

Did you notice we kinda skipped last weeks Foodie Friday post? Well let me just say Miss 12 broke her arm and then my mum broke her ankle walking in Japan. So I was a carer, not a blogger! But I’m back and very pleased to introduce you to our new Subs.  Two people who I’m so excited to say will be helping us serve you up the healthiest and happiest of Summers here on Scoop.

fresh scoop sub - do you have what it takes to be our summer internn at scoop nutrition

I was overwhelmed by the talent and passion in the applications. And absolutely hate turning people down.  Hate. Hate. Hate.  But we only had room for two lucky Subs.  We hope to kick off again with 6 for 6 months in March, so please apply again lovelies, if you missed out this round.

So drum roll please and say hi to:

Summer Sub – Lauren Sedger 

Apart from the fact that Lauren sent this super cute photo with her application and has photography qualifications, it was these foodie excerpts from her application that blew me away:

Lauren Sedger - Scoop summer intern

Thing to eat – Hot stone bibimbap. A traditional Korean dish of rice, seasonal vegetables, meat, egg and chilli pepper paste served in a hot stone bowl. Pork is my protein of choice, most always with a side of kim-chi and tamari. I first ate this humble meal on my first trip to South Korea. I immediately fell for it, especially the kim-chi, and am still eating it years later in a little Korean restaurant called Arisoo on Victoria St in Richmond.

Thing to cook – Fasolada – Thick bean soup, with lots of extra virgin oilve oil and grainy sourdough bread.

Place to food shop – It’s a draw between Prahran Market and Psarakos Market in Bundoora. I’m definitely a market kinda gal.

Recipe book – The Sustainable Table. I picked this great book up at an underground car park market in Melbourne’s CBD a couple of years ago. It has some fantastic recipes, stories and photographs shared by people in all areas of the Victorian food industry – from the modest home produce grower, to farmer and restaurant owner. It’s not in print anymore and I’m happy to have invested in a little piece of my local food map.


Instagram foodie – Cannelle et Vanille

Area of food interest – Fermenting and pickling foods, in particular the link that it has with promoting the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria and gut health.

And now another big drum roll for:

Summer Sub  – Laura Ford

Now what a way to get my attention! Laura noticed I was speaking on a panel at a recent Cancer Council Health Bloggers event and of course she signed up and bravely networked her way to say hi!  That takes huge courage when you’re still a student.

Laura Ford - cool foodie recipe photo

An excerpt of what Laura wrote: 

My particular interest and specialty on social media lies in Instagram.  I find that most people respond well to visual forms of social media and for that reason I have started building my social media skills and following via Instagram.  I started my Instagram page (@laurafordnutrition) last year and have been able to develop a following of over 5000 people following guidelines based around the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and promoting plant-based nutrient dense meals, high quality produce and eating in moderation.  I have found that simply making healthy food look beautiful and appealing has inspired so many of my followers to follow suit and imitate similar recipes to create a ripple on effect.

Just take a look:

Laura Ford Scillian Styling - Food

Please join me in a huge Scoop Nutrition welcome with a comment of hi or good luck below.  You’ll be learning a whole lot more about them from next week and we wish them all the best for end of year exams.


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