Teff porridge

How to: Teff Porridge with passionfruit, honey and roasted macadamias for #RecipeReDux

Hello lovelies! I’m back revived after a digital detox over Christmas and Jan. It’s always so healthy to take a step back to reflect and recharge. But there is just so much hot and happening in food and nutrition trends to drag me away for too long. This month’s Recipe ReDux challenge is to try something new. And even though I can pick up injera bread in the next suburb made the traditional Ethiopian way, I haven’t caught on as yet to this relative newcomer in the craze for ancient, gluten free grains and seeds. Teff.

Teff Porridge with Passionfruit, Toasted Macadamias and Bush Honey

Makes 4-6 serves

Step 1:

Take 1 cup of teff and toast it in a dry pan over a medium heat. It will take around 2minutes and you will smell a nutty aroma and hear cracking or popping sounds. Stir fairly constantly to prevent burning.  I easily picked this homebrand version up at the local supermarket but I’m off to source some from the experts next.

toasting teff

Step 2:

Pour toasted grains into a saucepan with 3 cups of water, bring to the boil and simmer covered for 20minutes until the water has absorbed while stirring frequently.  The teff will be cooked when it forms a creamy, porridge like consistency and all the water has been absorbed.  Set aside to rest, covered for 5minutes.

teff cooking

Step 3:

Add a whole lot of pizazz and enjoy warm.  Seriously I mean it.  This little grain is as staple as they come in the “wholesome”  flavour stakes and often described as “earthy”.  Sure it’s nutty and the consistency is ok. But I just couldn’t get past the colour.  In the spirit of Australia Day next week I’ve gone with our bush food native hero, macadamia nuts, honey and passionfruit to try and jazz things up.  I would like to say that the passionfruit was straight from my vine, but I seem to have grown root stock this round and need to get pruning.  Here’s hoping these new flowers right at my back door do their business.

Teff porridge

passionfruit vine

Teff Porridge


I’m so pleased to take time to experiment, but to be honest I’m not sure if I’ll be swapping out my oats just yet.  But I definitely want to try making that glorious flat bread plate that is injera the traditional way with a slow multiple day ferment.  Check out the excellent background on teff grain and nutrition properties here. By all accounts teff is taking off and I suspect some clever ReDuxers may have the perfect solution plus other must try, newbie ingredients for 2016.  Let’s take a look?

UPDATE: Check out my friend Kara’s post for the absolute goods with her Apple Pie Teff Porridge adding loads more spice and a creamy coconut milk base.

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