Farro, Black Lentil, Fig and Minted Goat’s Cheese salad by Emma Stirling APD

Easter is always a very special time for our family. Starting with the ritual road trip we charge head on into boisterous extended family fun on my Uncle’s farm in Western Victoria.  There are pony and trailer rides, bush walks and fireside talks and every meal is shared.  On Good Friday evening we cooked salmon fillets on the huge outdoor BBQ and I contributed this superb salad.

Farro and lentil salad by emma stirling

dried leaves after the rain

Pony rides - children enjoying


wood pile photo

Farro, Black Lentil, Fig and Minted Goat’s Cheese Salad

Farro, Black Lentil, Fig and Minted Goat's Cheese salad by Emma StirlingIngredients

1.5 cups farro grain

1 cup Mount Zero Beluga Black Lentils

200g Goat’s Feta marinated in oil and herbs

Fresh chopped parsley and whole mint sprigs

Lemon juice

Vinagrette dressing with a honey drizzle

Fresh figs


Cook farro grain in a large pot of boiling salted water for around 1 hour until tender.  Add lentils for last 15minutes of cooking time or cook in a separate saucepan.  Drain lentils and farro and toss together in a large bowl or platter with crumbled Goat’s cheese, juice of one lemon and chopped parsley.  Season with salt and pepper.  Add fresh figs and mint sprigs and drizzle over dressing just before serving.

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