Lockdown Lessons and Culinary Nutrition Updates

What better day I thought? As Kanye West announces his run for the US Presidency, it doesn’t seem at all left of centre, that I would start blogging again after a four year break. Times could not be stranger in the movie like existence we are living in during Covid-19 and I have seen many people turn back to content generation, to share, to care and to feel connected.

I’m not going to promise a regular weekly post like the old days. But I am going to take the time to capture more moments from my personal food diary. And just as I have always done, find ways to be creative and pay it forward with community. Cooking up new projects in Culinary Nutrition is a big priority and you can sign up to join my list here.

To get a taste for my new academic role at ACU and upcoming opportunities for chefs, dietitians and nutritionists in culinary nutrition check out my recent podcast on Dietitian Connection


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