Impossibly delicious caramelised onion, feta and tomato pie by Emma Stirling APD

Oh what to make for this month’s Recipe ReDux?  The theme is pie. And how does one compete with the USA members and their classic apple, pecan and pumpkin?  So as always, I went back to my cookbook collection, looked through vintage recipes (including the politically incorrect Mammy Oven Puff) and found a handwritten winner in my high school cookbook!  The possibilities!

Emma Stirling's recipe cook book

I have such fond memories of cooking (food tech) classes at high school.  Sure there were flour fights and raised voices by our lovely teacher Leanne, but I always felt such a sense of calm and satisfaction.  I imagine that the impossible pie with a “throw it all together approach” and self-forming “crust” is a classic in most high school cuisines.  We only had plain flour, plastic cheese and ham to play with back then in class, but now I’m wiser to a whole world of nutrition and flavour.  So I ReDuxed my thirteen year old penmanship with wholemeal flour, feta cheese, bright red and yellow cherry tomatoes and the most divine Farmer’s Market Onion Jam.  Oh and a little sprinkle of kitchen garden thyme as the basil is long gone now it’s mid winter. Plus 50% less butter, at 60g.  What were you thinking Leanne!?

recipe book and ingredients

All up it took 10minutes to prep and I used these super cute cardboard cases so I could gift a finished pie to my elderly neighbour Betty.

ingredients for caramelised onion, feta and tomato pie

Impossible Pie ingredients by Emma Stirling

I even had to turn the oven off half way through and risk the pies baking completely in the remaining heat.  I’m just back from a coffee catch up with one of my blogging besties Cheryl of Business Chic.  And voila! They are perfect.  And perfect enough to nibble on for lunch.

caramelised onion, feta and tomato pie

impossible pie by emma stirling

I can’t wait to see what the other bloggers cooked up.


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