Pink Lake Salted Anzac Biscuits by Emma Stirling APD

I’m not a girly girl, but the expanse of the most prettiest shade of baby pink took my breath away as we arrived at our foodie destination. Hardy scrub, best suited to the dry arid conditions, surrounded the pink glow as we walked the short track in. The adrenaline levels rose as the foraging chefs discovered samphire nestled near the edge, but it was not until we stepped onto the surface and experienced the stunning array of diamond cut crystals that our group became kids again. That satisfying crunch under each step, the tactile nature of crystals the size of your palm and the beautiful shards of sunlight glistening at each head turn, we were lost into a new but very old world of adventure.

Pink Lake Dimboola photo

Pink Lake and gumboots photo

Jane and Neil Seymour have worked hard since taking over the expansive olive grove planted at the foot of the Grampians in the early 1950’s. Summer scorchers and sweat and toil are just part of the parcel of trying to manipulate our sunburnt land over the last twenty years. But it’s the work they have done, championed by son Richard, to grow the local food community that is likely to be their greatest legacy. They now have well established biodynamic grain and legume production with local farmers, multiple Mount Zero Olive grove products and after years of sensitive lobbying, the return of the harvest that is, Pink Lake Salt.

Mount Zero Cafe at Pink Lake

pink lake view

Mount Zero Pink Lake - Natural Salt

Pink Lake salt gets it’s gorgeous hue from microscopic algae that produce beta carotene. Prized throughout history in many cultures for it’s medicinal properties and naturally rich mineral content, little is known about the role of this local Pink Lake Salt in traditional Indigenous diets. However, the Seymour’s are trying to change that too and part of the harvest scheme involves working with the traditional land owners, the Barenji Gadjin Land Council, plus investing in historical research.

Pink Lake Salt Harvest

Pink Lake Salt

We shovelled and chatted and dreamed up new dishes, but most of all we tasted.  How does one describe it? Pink purity. And how did lunch taste with just a pinch of pink? Absolutely divine.

pink lake lunch

Lunch by the lake

I now have a new friend in the pantry, which is exactly this month’s theme for Recipe Redux.  So with Australia Day nearly upon us I decided to makeover these Anzac Biscuits with touch of pink on top. I know my North American Redux friends will love these postcards and hopefully be familiar with our war time “cookie”.   Check out the other Recipe ReDux posts over at Teaspoon of Spice. I’ve kept them a petite size as the jury on salt and health is very divided. But perhaps there is more to the story in years to come on the science and nutrient synergy within natural salts like this?

Pink Lake Salted Anzacs

Pink Lake Salted Anzac Biscuits

Combine 1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda, 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup desiccated coconut, 1/2 cup plain flour, 1/2 cup brown sugar in a bowl. Pour over melted 60g butter and 1 tablespoon Golden syrup. Combine into balls, fork down and top with Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt rocks. Bake for 12min at 160 degrees Celsius.

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